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Airbrushed Makeup vs.Traditional Makeup

All too often products come out in the beauty industry that make wild claims. They might promise to make you look 10 years younger or make wrinkles disappear in days. There’s always so much hype and advertising that it’s no wonder people often ask, ‘Does airbrushing makeup really work?’.

I can safely assure you that it does. Airbrush makeup is simply an alternative to traditional makeup in which you would normally apply your makeup with a brush, sponge, or perhaps your fingers. Airbrushing for the beauty industry developed out of Hollywood and the theater and fashion industries as a quick way to create long-lasting makeup with flawless coverage. In the early days they simply used body paint mixed with an acrylic in order to fix the makeup to the skin.

Luckily modern airbrush makeup is much better quality and is often hypoallergenic. The mineral pigments in airbrush makeup are very fine and you’ll notice that the makeup itself is more watery than traditional makeup. Most brands use either water or silicone as a base and they will create a different look. For example, the 'moist and dewy’ look is often associated with Temptu which is silicone based, whereas Dinair tends to look more sheer as it is water-based. However, the strength of airbrushed makeup is that it can be layered–the more passes you do, the more coverage you create.

There is really no mystery about airbrush makeup. In fact, most professional makeup artists use a combination of airbrushing as well as traditional makeup tools in order to create their best looks. I’ve heard criticisms like: 'Airbrush makeup looks fake and overdone.’ This is entirely untrue. Sure, like any makeup, some people just like to create a strong, beauty-look with lots of coverage. However, many people use airbrushing to create a very subtle and natural look where you could hardly notice there was any makeup being worn at all. It’s all down to taste and technique.

Airbrush makeup systems are designed to mix air with makeup which creates a fine mist of micro-particles. In the same way that you would build layers of color when you are airbrushing a fine work of art, when airbrushing your makeup you are spraying small dots of color which blend naturally with the tones of your skin. With just a few short busts of a makeup gun you can cover acne scars or fine lines flawlessly. Because you are not wiping or smearing the makeup on, it gently sits on top of the skin instead of being rubbed in. And, it is for this reason that airbrush makeup artists can create such a flawless look.

Just speak to any photographers or videographers who work with high-definition cameras. Any flaws in a model’s skin or the application of makeup will show up relentlessly in HD and that is exactly why professional makeup artists turn to airbrushing. Because, with the right technique, they can produce truly glowing, beautiful looking skin in a very short time.

Many people who use airbrush makeup choose to do so because it is much more hygienic than rubbing makeup on with an old brush or sponge. When you airbrush you never touch your skin. If you aren’t touching your skin then you aren’t causing any irritation. The water-based makeups used by many brands are also non-comedogenic and rarely cause the wearer to break out in acne or a rash.

If you are considering using airbrush makeup I highly recommend looking at before-and-after photos or perhaps going into an airbrush makeup salon to see what they can do. Buying an airbrush makeup kit will change the way you put on your makeup and will open you up to a new world of makeup artistry. You will appreciate the versatility of a system that not only allows you to put on foundation, blush, contour and highlighting in 5 minutes flat, but can also be used to create amazing effects - either for costume or the beauty industry. Airbrush makeup is used to cover birthmarks seamlessly as well as scarring, tattoos and hyperpigmentation. You can even create amazing stencil work or temporary tattoos plus do your tanning in an airbrush makeup kit.

So, airbrush makeup is really all that it is cracked up to be! It’s not just marketing hype (though there is plenty of that there). It’s a reality–airbrush makeup is only limited to what you want to do with it and it is only those who are negative about airbrushing who will miss out on this amazing tool.

Find out more about the brands of airbrush makeup I use... Dinair is my go to!

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