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My favorite product of the week...The Ibiza Brush

The Science of Boar Bristles, and the Health of Your Hair

Boar bristles also help seal the cuticle of the hair by using the hairs most natural resource sebum. Each hair strand has a gland and in that gland is sebum – a natural conditioning oil. Blow drying with a boar bristle brush spreads it along the hair giving it natural shine and a healthy glow. The bristles also massage the scalp stimulating and bringing oxygen and blood flow to the roots. There is no breakage, because the bristles release hair easily. The wooden barrel of the brush doesn’t overheat because the wood absorbs the heat and the hair takes on less heat from the blow dryer.


Cork is the environmentally friendly renewable bark from a cork oak tree that grows primarily around the Mediterranean Sea. It is stripped from the tree every nine years without damage to the tree. Cork is light in weight and floats, soft but durable, expandable and flexible. It is moisture resistant yet allows some absorption. It insulates, isolates, absorbs sound and vibrations, and is anti-static. There is no other material – natural or man-made – that possesses all of these qualities. See:

There is also no other material that has helped thousands of hair dressers blow dry hair. The soft pliable yet durable texture of cork gives comfort to the hands and wrists involved in blow drying hair. It is the most ergonomic design in a round brush ever. We also have all wood brushes that are designed ergonomically, for people who like all wood brushes.

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