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 Love notes from clients...


Jessica chambers

Tue, 3 May 2011 


I've been meaning to email you for a while now to say THANK YOU!  
I absolutely loved my wedding hair and make-up. I couldn't find my clutch with the extra gloss & such that you gave me until the next day, so I never reapplied anything... but it didn't matter! I got so many compliments on my hair  And you were the perfect person to have around the morning of the big day! I want to write an awesome review of you on yelp so put yourself on there girl. 
The wedding was beautiful & so much fun - I'll send you some hair/make-up pics when I get them from the photog (was that the same guy who knocked you out of the way before??). Do you know how long that usually takes? Here are a couple from my family. 


anie bishop-guerzon

Tue, 26 April 2011 

I contacted Jessica through Yelp for my bridal party's hair/makeup for the destination wedding at Shell Beach. As a bride, I just want to point out that I looked smokin HOT!  
She got a few pictures from me and the girls for inspiration to work with beforehand and made sure we wore button down shirts beforehand. Our wedding was at 2 and my hair and makeup stayed with me through the night. We were all super happy with our hair and makeup. Thank you Lucky!  
You're professional, funny, down to earth and deserve some sort of certificate in bad-assery! -Anie, Seattle.



Nicole Dee

Sun, 27 February 2011 

Choosing someone new to trust with your hair is not an easy task. I've been to a few salons in SLO, after a move from North County, but to say I wasn't happy with the experiences is an understatement. I am a review junkie, too.On most sites you go to now, there is a way to review the satisfaction of customers as they review everything from shoes to sushi. Hair is even more important. You cant return a bad cut! After researching and some not-so-great visits elsewhere, I finally ventured in  to see the highly recommended Jess "Luckie" Winstead... 
WOW! My first impression was beyond five stars. 
And the end result? Holy Cow! I brought in pictures, I tend to be pretty specific when I talk to stylists, but other stylists STILL have managed to take what I wanted and somehow do something so far away from what I want: it's frustrated me! BUT JESS? She did everything I wanted AND THEN SOME. She was so knowledgeable! She created the "ombre" technique-which is not a cookie-cutter technique and not something that's been around a while, but let me tell you-and she looked like she'd been doing it for years! She knew exactly what I wanted! And the cut? Without taking much off the length (trying to grow it out!), it still looked like an entirely different head of hair! I am SO pleased that I finally found my salon in SLO and such an amazing stylist with Jess!!!! Thanks Jess, . I will definitely be back again and again!  

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