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Is your hair screaming for more moisture and shine? My favorite product of the week!!

Oi Milk All In One & Oi Absolute Beautifying Potion... Found at Gypsy And Oak Salon

Thanks to its particularly rich and nourishing formulation it performs in an excellent manner many functions:

Benefits: Oi Milk, All In One

  • adds shine

  • adds softness and silkiness

  • has an excellent detangling power

  • facilitates combing of dry and wet hair

  • controls frizz

  • has an exceptional conditioning effect

  • gives body without weighing hair down

  • moisturizes hair

  • facilitates blow drying

  • heat protection

  • provides a longer-lasting hairstyle

Benefits: Oi Absolutge Beautifying Potion

  • extraordinary shine and softness to the hair

  • strong detangling and restructuring action

  • anti-frizz effect

  • strong anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals action

Carbon-neutral/Zero Impact Product Ideal for all kinds of hair.

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